Strength Mob Workouts


What’s up Strength Mobbers?! This workout is a little different than the other circuits I posted, since it was originally designed to be used in by the WIRED magazine. It didn’t make it into the article, but it’s a good workout nonetheless. The idea was to come up with a simple session that people could …

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Strength Mob Workouts

Still Going Strong – At Home

With the Covid-19 crisis turning into a multi-month affair, it’s practically inevitable to start backsliding on your regular exercise routine. Being stuck at home is downright depressing! Yet, staying physically active is even more important right now for a variety of reasons. Staving off depression is one reason. But as it turns out, regular exercise …

Strength Mob Workouts

A Lighter “Leg Day”

Every day is leg day. You’ve heard that one, right? Well, sometimes you might not want to go too hard on leg day. Maybe your back has been on the mend for a few weeks. Maybe your legs are wrecked from a beast trail run over the weekend. Maybe, you know, you simply aren’t feeling …

Strength Mob Workouts

Working Out Around an Injury

What’s up everybody?! The Strength Mob took a little a hiatus after I injured my back at a trampoline park at the end of last December. It’s all good though, and I’m getting into the swing of things again. If you’ve ever been laid up with an injury, I’m sure you can appreciate the desire …

Strength Mob Workouts

Pause squats for the win

Hey, hey, hey all you garage gym folks, I’ve got another Strength Mob workout for your at-home fitness pleasure. This session has some pause squats programmed into the circuit, as a variation on your basic barbell back squat. Instead of dropping down and raising back up with the same pacing, try to lower over a …

Strength Mob Workouts

End-of-summer workout

Shorter days and a fresh chill in the air – it can only mean one thing: The end of summer is almost upon us. It has been a rough few months out in the Pacific Northwest, with tons of wildfire smoke and not enough precipitation. I’m actually looking forward to the start of fall and …

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