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Still Going Strong – At Home

With the Covid-19 crisis turning into a multi-month affair, it’s practically inevitable to start backsliding on your regular exercise routine. Being stuck at home is downright depressing! Yet, staying physically active is even more important right now for a variety of reasons.

Staving off depression is one reason. But as it turns out, regular exercise can also help fight off complications associated with ARDS. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS for short), is one of the reasons Covid-19 is so deadly. This link was found on Reddit, but it reports on a NIH funded study out of the University of Virginia. It looks like exercise helps increase an important antioxidant that assists in the maintenance of lung health.

Since you are already the type of person searching online for at-home workouts, you’re definitely ahead of the curve for staying healthy. If anyone in your circle of friends or family is struggling with their own motivation for exercise, point them to this research.

You never know – perhaps it could help save their life!

For today’s Strength Mob circuit workout, you’ll be doing 3 main exercises for 8 reps each, 4 times through. The movements are: sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP), dips, and windmills. The SDHP are really the meat and potatoes of this workout, targeting your legs, back, and arms. If you don’t have access to a barbell, load up a duffle bag or something similar. A heavy kettlebell will do the trick too.

For the dips use rings, a dip station, or if you don’t have access to those, try your kitchen counter top.

The windmills are in there as a bit of a treat. Think of them as a mobility helper for your back and hips. As the saying goes: “You’re only as young, as your spine is flexible.” Wise words.

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How I did it: 

  • 125 lb sumo deadlift high pulls
  • 30 lb dumbbell for the windmills
  • Dips were done with parallettes on top of a plyo box


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