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Strength Mob – Quarantine Edition

No more running through the streets with your buddies. No more getting together for a garage gym workout. No more trips to the climbing gym or skate park.

Raise your hand if this is NOT how you anticipated Spring 2020 to be rolling out. Covid-19 has taken a steam roller to life as usual.

As we’ve all quickly learned, quarantine life blows. All you can hope is that you stay healthy and that your friends and family do the same.

Considering that you might not have access to your normal workout gear, this at-home circuit training session is designed with minimal equipment. Two of the movements – the squat clean and shoulder curl – call for additional resistance, so load up a backpack with some old text books. A couple of jugs of water can add  decent weight too. Look around your house to see what you can throw together.

Have fun and stay healthy everyone!

BTW, if you are looking for more of these Strength Mob workouts you can now see the entire archive with downloads at

Quarantine Fitness Workout

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