Interviews and Reviews

Book Review: Overcoming Gravity

After hearing the hype, I finally saddled up and paid the $49.95 to buy Steven Low’s epic training manual Overcoming Gravity – A Systemic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength. That was about 8 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve hustled my way through the massive 530 page paperback and have started to punish myself with …

Interviews and Reviews

Training Advice from Ryan Ford

If you’re passionate about parkour, then I know you’re already familiar with Ryan Ford.  His name is synonymous with the Demon Drills YouTube channel, where he has posted over 160 videos, and has more than 11K subscribers and 2.7 million views.  Aside from dominating the video scene, he is a force of nature in the PK …


Seattle Parkour Summit 2012

I had the great opportunity yesterday to make it up to Seattle to check out Parkour Visions‘ 2012 Parkour Summit.  The 3 hour drive was well worth it, as I got to watch the Invitational Obstacle Course Competition and then later participate in a few of the practicums.  The whole event was 3 days in …

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