Strength Mob Workouts

Streets Alive. Time to Jam.

Yo, Strength Mob! I’m not sure about your city, but here in Portland the streets and parks are alive with neighbors exercising outdoors again. The momentum to return to normal life pulses greater every day.

The gradual recovery plus the end of Spring is getting me PSYCHED. Summer adventures are just around the corner! It’s all the more reason to stay as fit and conditioned for fun as you can.

On that note, this Strength Mob workout brings the heat with some single leg strength. Pistol squats and other unilateral lower body drills are ideal prep for the rigors an adventurous life. Bounding down a trail run. Pushing through your foot to reach a new grip while climbing. Cutting across the field during an ultimate game. All of the radness during sport depends on a strong and stable set of legs.

The rest of the session targets your upper body with some kettlebell bent presses, and landmine rows. If you don’t actually have the little landmine attachment to keep your barbell secure on the ground (I don’t), just tuck it into the corner of the wall. Similarly, if you are struggling with the mechanics of the bent press, switch it up by leaning your torso to perform an angled shoulder press.

Give it a shot, and let me know what you think of this workout. PEACE.


  • 50 lb kettlebell for bent presses
  • 30 lb pistol squats
  • 90 lb landmine rows (two 45s on the bar end)

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