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What’s up Strength Mob! Here is a classic bodybuilding-type of workout to bust out in your garage gym. What tools will you need? Pull out that barbell and your dumbbells, it’s time to go gym-rat style.

The warm-up is a few minutes of commando jacks and squat kicks. Try to accumulate 100 of the jumping jack variation and 50 of the squat variation. Those squat kicks are something from a martial arts workout. You’re going to dig them.

The circuit is 4 times through barbell back squats, dumbbell lateral raises (aka shoulder flyes), and single arm preacher curls. Bust out 8 squats, 6 lateral raises, and 7 preacher curls before starting over.

See the “How I did it” section below, to see what type of weight I used for each of the movements. Your starting point is going to be different, but the goal is to use enough weight safely that you are promoting muscle development through the overload principle. The idea is to gradually increase the intensity of your training so that you see the desired adaptations, like greater strength, more muscle mass, et cetera.

So, thus far the workout has some light agility, plus legs and pulling-type upper body strength training. What about pushing for the upper body? You’ll find the pushing component of this workout in the cool down. The aim is 3 x 10 plyo push-ups. If clapping push-ups are too challenging, scale down to regular push-ups. For those of you starting out, incline push-ups with your hands on a bench is a nice place to begin.

Have fun and have a great 4th of July!

At home workout 18



  • 175 lb back squats
  • 30 lb preacher curls
  • 25 lb lateral raises

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