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Hey Strength Mob!

Here is session #26 in our at-home workout series. This was a workout that I performed in our garage gym with a limited set of equipment. See the “How I Did It” section below the handout to learn what types of weights I used for each motion.

Warm-up (at least 5 minutes):

  • 100 Jump Rope jumps
  • 50 High Knees
  • Add whatever additional motions you need to get prepared for the rest of the session.

Circuit Training (5 rounds):

  • Barbell Push Presses
  • Kettlebell (or dumbbell) reverse lunges
  • DB Single Arm Reverse Fly

Cool-down (3 times):

  • 16 Uneven Push-ups
  • 20 Flutter Kicks

At Home Workout #26


  • 125 lb Push Presses
  • 50 lb Reverse Lunges
  • 30 lb Reverse Flies

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