Strength Mob Workouts

Solstice Session

Hey ya, Strength Mob! Here is a little garage gym burner just in time for the start of summer.

This workout has a super classic push-pull-leg circuit of back squats, pull-ups, and parallette push-ups. The extra push-up depth obtained with the parallettes is killer for a good chest pump. You’re going to dig it.

The cool down is a bit unconventional with a loop of Cossack squats and sissy squats, but it’s fun mix things up. Remember, since these are part of the cool-down, you aren’t necessarily doing these for strength training. Think of them as light mobility drills, and a nice way to keep the blood going after the heavier stuff.

garage workout picture 17


How I did it: 

  • 135 lb back squat
  • 30 lb on the pull-up (dumbbell between the legs)

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