Strength Mob Workouts


What’s up Strength Mobbers?! This workout is a little different than the other circuits I posted, since it was originally designed to be used in by the WIRED magazine.

It didn’t make it into the article, but it’s a good workout nonetheless. The idea was to come up with a simple session that people could do at home during quarantine. The intended audience wasn’t necessarily someone with a garage gym at their disposal. Floor space, and a yoga mat were the main constraints.

Rather than using barbell like in the pictures, people were supposed to load up a backpack or duffle bag with some textbooks or other heavy items from the house.

Let me know what you think of the changes. Do you like having fewer warm-up and cool-down exercise? It’s good idea to mix-up your routine every now and then. I might start playing with the format of Strength Mob workouts based on your feedback. Let me know your thoughts!

strength mob 015

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