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Garage Workout – Winter Edition

It’s that time again! Time to start heating up the garage for these cold winter nights. Out here in Portland, low 40s and a bit of rain are no reason to stay away from getting your weekly garage workout action.

Here is a recent burner from the man cave:

free garage workout ideas 12


Start your session with a few minutes of rhythmic warm-up. High stepping and twist jumps are a few standards to get the blood pumping.

Once you’re sufficiently warm, load up your barbell and find the kettlebells or dumbbells that you want to use. Today’s circuit entails forward lunges, single arm preacher curls, and single arm thrusters.

Once you’ve jammed through four rounds of those three movements, move on to the cool-down. See what you think of the side plank with your lower leg raised. It adds a nice abdominal burn. Some uneven push-ups are the last bit of punishment to round-out the workout.

How I did it:

  • 125 lb for barbell forward lunges
  • 30 lbs for single arm preacher curls
  • 50 lbs for the single arm thrusters.

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