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Shoulder Fire

Who ordered a heavy-hitting shoulder workout? Because, here it is! This Strength Mob circuit targets your shoulders with a series of three compound movements to light them up. Start off with a warm-up of butt kicks and inchworms. Do as many inchworms as you need to until you feel your arms are prepped enough for the rest of the workout.

The circuit is three rounds of four movements. The first movement is a toe touch deadlift. You may have also seen this one referred to as a staggered deadlift. The idea is that you are intentionally loading the front leg, more than the back leg. The back foot is only touching down enough to help you stay balanced. Focus on driving hard through your front leg to lift the weight. Be sure to do both legs for symmetry.

The next three exercises were chosen to blast your arms. Here they are: Start with a side-lying reverse fly. This is a unique exercise, and takes a bit of balance to stay centered on the bench correctly. The next one is a kettlebell halo. You can of course use a weight plate or dumbbell. The last one is a T Push-up.

You’ll find that this unique combo leads to an effective shoulder burner. It especially gets your posterior shoulder muscles fired-up. To be honest, it feels pretty awesome. I guarantee you’ll be walking with your chest puffed out and posture on-point afterwards.

Cool-down with some basic core strengthening of kettlebell press crunches and oblique crunches.


  • Toe Touch Deadlifts with 235 lbs
  • Side Lying Reverse Fly with 30 lb dumbbell
  • Halos with 50 lb kettlebell
  • Press Crunches with 25 lb kettlebell


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