Strength Mob Workouts

Session 003

Adjustments: As an alternative to Cossack squats, try low side-to-side squats –  they don’t require the same depth or flexibility. Any type of single arm bent over row will work for the circuit – you can do it with a kettlebell vs dumbbell, or support yourself with one hand on a bench. If the L-hang feels too hard for you, try hanging in a tuck, or in a simple passive hang (body extended) beneath the pull-up bar. Likewise, if the dive bomber push-ups are beyond your ability, scale back to regular push-ups, eccentric push-ups (descent only), or elevated (on a box or bench) push-ups.

How I did it: 

  • Trap bar deadlifts, loaded to 255 lbs  
  • Push presses at 130 lbs
  • Single arm bent-over rows at 75 lbs 
  • Russian twists with 10 lb weight plate

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