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A Pre Bike Trip Workout

What’s up Strength Mob! Here is a workout that I put together prior to a 3-day bikepacking trip in August. I knew that the route we were doing was going to punish my legs—there was over 10,000 feet of climbing! That’s why this workout lacks any super heavy leg action. I didn’t want to wear myself out before the trip even began.

Given that workout was going to be a little lighter in nature, it was also a good time to experiment with a new shoulder press variation. Anytime you introduce a new movement, it’s a good time to back off the weight and see how the skill feels.

Start the workout with some jump rope and Indian club back strokes. If you lack a jump rope, just bounce in place for a few minutes. For real. It’s almost as effective a jumping rope. Likewise, if you don’t have Indian clubs, use some light dumbbells or bottles filled with water.

For the circuit, complete: behind the head barbell shoulder presses, single arm bent-over rows, single kettlebell front squats, and Cossack squats. See below for the weights that I used for each movement (four rounds through).

Cool-down with three rounds of V-ups and diamond push-ups.



  • 55 lb Behind-the-head Rress
  • 50 lb Bent-over Row
  • 50 lb Kettlebell Front Squat


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