Strength Mob Workouts

Back squat, ring rows, bar dips, and windmills. Oh my!

Who’s ready for a workout? This Strength Mob session starts with a few minutes of high stepping, plus walking toe touches. After that, you’ll grind through three rounds of back squats, low windmills, high bar dips, and ring rows. Since the warm-up doesn’t address your upper body as much, add a few warm-up reps to the desired circuit movements before getting down to business. Once you’ve worked through the full circuit, cool down with some side planks and toe touch crunches. If you need adjustments or movement modifications, see below.

Adjustments: If you are just starting out in the squatting game, dial things back to kettlebell goblet squats, or even box squats. Single bar dips are a fairly challenging motion, so you might try ring dips or parallel bar dips as two alternatives. For those of you struggling with the strength for the full dip cycle, start with jumping up to the top/support position and then working on the negative (descent). Ring rows can be made easier by assuming a higher, more elevated trunk position. 

How I did it: 

  • Back squat with 195 lbs total.
  • Low windmill with 50 lb kettlebell.
  • To be honest, my garage isn’t set-up with a high bar with enough room for the single bar dip. To adjust, I simply did ring dips and threw on a weight belt with 25 lbs for extra effort. 

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