This site is a free online tool that I coded in the Python-Flask framework. It uses a portion of the assets from BPM Rx to create a workout generator based on one upper body pulling, one upper body pushing, and one leg exercise. Each press of the main button uses a randomizer to pull independently from the different image folders. It was a lot of fun to work on, and has informed the capstone project my school team is developing. Besides completing all of the web development, I learned how to deploy the app to a paid plan on Heroku.


BPM Rx, Inc.

Launched in 2009, this exercise prescription software is used by physiotherapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors to create exercise handouts for their clients. The exercise library contains over 1300 custom illustrations for showing a client how to perform a given motion. The second version of the product is now live on BPMRx.com, and brings the ability for users to email and text the handouts directly from the software. Based on user-feedback, the newest release also allows custom text, plus saving routines, and favoriting exercises. I led all of the wire-framing and product management for this project, but the coding was carried out by a third party.  


Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia

The Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia is the world’s largest illustrated exercise encyclopedia, and it was first released in 2013, with a second edition in 2017. It contains over 1000 illustrations of barbell lifts, kettlebell drills, free-weight movements, and bodyweight skills. Designed as a resource for athletes to bring variety to their at-home workouts, the book is in circulation throughout North America, Britain, and Europe. A licensing deal has been arranged to publish the book in Simplified Chinese.

Parkour Strength Training

Co-authored with Ryan Ford, this book is the world’s first training manual to help parkour athletes build the strength to excel at their sport. It is considered one of the top resources for bodyweight training on the market, and has sold across multiple continents. A licensing deal has been arranged to publish the book in Simplified Chinese.


Beyond the Clinic, P.C.

Founded in 2009, Beyond the Clinic grew to become the West Coast’s largest provider of outpatient house calls physical therapy. As a co-founder, Ben participated in all aspects of growth and employee management. He exited the company in 2018 to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


House Call Academy

The PT House Call Start-up Guide is an online course to teach licensed US physical therapists how to start and operate a house call practice. When it went live in 2018 it was hosted on Kajabi, but now the 69-video course has migrated to Teachable for easier management and less overhead. Ben performed all of the graphic design, videography, editing, and marketing to bring the course to market.