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Parkour Strength Training

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Parkour Strength Training dropped in 2016 and was co-authored with Ryan Ford, the founder of APEX Movement. It is the first sport-specific strength and conditioning manual for parkour athletes, and it covers fundamental prehab, mobility, and bodyweight exercises. Highly regarded within the community, it is a go-to resource for helping people prepare for obstacle-based movement. Even if you consider yourself a total beginner, this book will help you start training parkour in a safe and sustainable manner.


“With this at your fingertips there are no more excuses to not train and succeed in parkour. Parkour Strength Training is a long overdue guide and training companion for anyone interested in getting stronger and moving better.”

-Julie Angel, Ph.D., Author of Breaking the Jump and Ciné Parkour

“This book is packed full of great information for the beginner all the way to the Ninja Warrior elite!”

-Brian Arnold, Four-time Finalist on American Ninja Warrior, Captain on Team Ninja Warrior 

“Everything you need to take your body and parkour to the next level!”

-Ryan C. Hurst, Program Director of GMB Fitness



Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia

Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia
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The Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia is the world’s largest illustrated fitness book. The first edition launched in 2013 with over 700 distinct movements, and a second edition is scheduled for 2017. From calisthenics and yoga postures, kettlebell skills and barbell lifts, and even gymnastics strength and partner drills, it covers a huge amount of material. Personal trainers and coaches use it as a tool for keeping their clients engaged with a wide spectrum of movement. Whether you are a fitness professional or not, it is bound to open your eyes to the many ways you can become a better athlete.

You can currently download a PDF of the entire 322-page book for only 19.95.